This lock is invisible from the outside, so that a potential burglar will never know where it really is, and therefore he won’t be able to force and open the door

The burglars who attack the lock of a door, they will try either tearing it off, hooking or piercing it. In the presence of our invisible lock, they will fight against the visible lock, which will offer its own resistance, or that you could even leave open

They will not understand why, having done their job, your door will not open

The reason is that the invisible lock is the one that really closes your door: it is placed somewhere on the side or even on the top of your door

   ! The burglary will fail

:Here below, examples of invisible locks on the side of the door


                                                     The invisible lock opens and closes remotely, using a tiny remote control

.remotes are supplied with it, together with the whole set of batteries

.The invisible lock is made of high strength stainless steel and has a locking pin

.Its digital signal is encrypted. It cannot be decrypted or copied remotely

A backup battery prevents and is operational when the main batteries are exhausted. So there is no need to worry

.The invisible lock, perfectly installed at your place, will cost you 950 shekels, all taxes included 

.We provide a total guarantee of our products for 1 year





The burglar will strive in vain try opening your lock. He will not succeed because of the invisible lock: he does not know where it is















Here the invisible lock







 The invisible lock installed here on the top of the door