.The anti-burglary frame, to secure your home


Robberies, assaults and burglaries of all kinds force individuals to take adequate measures to increase the security of their homes. For that reason, new devices are appearing, among which the anti-burglary frame, whose great utility and simplicity are still not enough appreciated


?What the anti-burglary frame is


An anti-burglary frame is a small metal groove, which surrounds the door and prevents the introduction of tools between the door and the paneling. It is an anti-robbery measure that opposes the pliers used to force the entry of a door

An anti-burglary frame is a piece of particularly strong and above all not removable metal that is just installed on a door to fill the gap between it and the doorposts



To better understand its usefulness, one must understand the problem that the anti-burglary frame resolves

When a door is closed, it is surrounded by jambs, but there is always a small gap between the door leaf and the door jamb; it is this space that is used by the burglar to introduce a lever and break open the door, thus managing to open it

When the anti-burglary frame is fixed on the door, it seals the space between the door leaf and the door jamb, thus preventing the thief from introducing any type of lever


The anti-burglary frame, placed at your place in the best way, will cost you 650 shekels, all taxes included. We provide a total guarantee of our products for 1 year